Fall Winter 2019

  About Mystique:

As a designer I am intrigued by my surroundings, and Hong Kong served as the perfect place to explore and research a culture that was new to me. I found similarities between my

Ecuadorian roots

and as well as 

Asia's. My collection

emulates the 

shamanistic side of

Ecuador's culture. 

Voluminous draping of

heavy wool is used to

represent the feeling of

having to hide one's

magic. Dark jewel tones

in contrast with

brighter colors from

my color palette

emulate a mysterious 

and mystical mood. 

  Where it 


 Hong Kong served as the perfect place to explore and research. A holistic way of medicinal healing is apart of Asia's long lived heritage. The people of Ecuador were left to fight to maintain their own traditional methods of healing. Herbal healing

and spiritual practices 

such as engaging in 

magic were apart of their

every-day life. However,

Their spiritual way of life

was deemed satanic.

If anyone were to be

caught participating in

these acts, then would be

waiting for them....

 I was inspired by this catastrophe, realising the freedom I have always had to explore my passions, without any consequences. This served as inspiration to engulf myself in change

while experiencing a new culture. My collection is gender neutral, and flatters each and every silhouette.


Transformation is represented throughout my journey of designing. My pieces can be paired together in different ways; providing different appearances with each stylistic choice. 

 This collection emulates drama with the heaviness of layering, however their is room for simplicity underneath. Overall representing that within every culture, it begins with a simple passion and transforms from there. 

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